Hair Care

No More Frumpy Look! Wonder-Mask For Frizzy Hair

The attention paid to natural remedies is more and more pronounced lately, because beauty bloggers understood that trade market beauty products are just a waste of time and money without any dramatic change. And most of the times harm your beauty because of side-effects. That’s why beauty queens started to …

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Eat this and white hair will regain its natural color

The preparation we present today can improve eyesight, rejuvenates the skin and, surprisingly, if you have white hair, will restore its natural color. Ingredients – ½ lb of linseed oil – 4 lemons (2 peeled) – 3 small garlic cloves – 2 lbs of honey Preparation method Put the garlic …

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Shiny and healthy hair with this amazing mask

Your hair starts falling or just losing its shine? If dandruff problem bothers you and no shampoo helped you so far, we suggest to try this simple mask that doesn’t involve high costs, but will help your hair get well, restoring its radiance. The miraculous ingredient is yogurt. It has …

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