Spine Health – 8 Ways To Maintain Your Spine Health And Get Rid Of Back Pain

The spine is a very complex structure, responsible for supporting the body. It starts from the skull, crosses the neck and back and has its end in the pelvis.
So it’s essential to give your spine proper attention and adopt healthy habits that will keep it strong and stress free.

1. Move regularly
Regular exercise routines are one of the best ways to strengthen the spine and to care for it. Exercise helps you stabilize your weight and stretch your joints to prevent stiffness and tension.
To get the best possible results, combine cardio workouts with strength exercises.

2. Improve your body posture
Adopting a proper body posture both when walking and resting is a key factor in preventing spinal diseases and injuries.
Correct body posture facilitates the uniform weight distribution and keep the discs in a beneficial position. Trauma, tension and pain that can affect this region are often the result of an incorrect posture.

3. Maintain a normal weight
Overweight and obesity endanger your muscles and joints. These problems involve an increased level of physical effort, tension and pain. Accumulation of fat, especially around the waist, increases the risk of injuring your spine or experiencing stiffness in the back.
Overweight and obese people are very susceptible to disc herniation and premature cartilage wear that protects the bone system.

4. Follow a beneficial diet
Consuming healthy foods plays a major role in the health of all body systems, including the spinal cord. Calcium and vitamin D are two important nutrients to maintain the strength and density of the bones, which is why it’s advisable to increase the intake of foods rich in these nutrients.
Of course, we also need to consume healthy sources of protein, antioxidants and other essential nutrients that protect the well-being of the bones and joints.

5. Quit smoking
Toxins in cigarettes have been associated with the development of several types of diseases that destroy the quality of life. These substances circulate through the blood and directly affect the health of cells and tissues. If it accumulates excessively in the body, your spinal column will suffer.

6. Train your abdominal muscles
Strengthening abdominal and lumbar muscles brings many benefits to the spine. Some people have the impression that there is no connection between the abdomen and the spine. But the abdominal muscles support the body and reduce the burden that your back needs to bear.
Strong abdominal muscles act like a belt around the waist. This means that, in addition to having a more attractive figure, your spine will get more support.

7. Take a break and stretch
Those who have to work on a computer (or any other device) for several hours should reserve little time for stretching exercises. Even if you already have a proper body posture, constantly maintaining the same postures subject the spine to excessive tension.

8. Keep de-stress
Among the countless negative effects of stress is the alteration of spinal health. This is why people who find themselves frequently in stressful situations feel pain in their back, neck and shoulders.
In addition, the emotional state can also affect the activity of the nervous system, causing other imbalances.

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