Home Therapy To Get Rid Of Lumbago Pain

According to traditional Chinese medicine, back and sciatic pain are related to kidney and bladder and are associated with excessive meat consumption, spices and alcohol.
There are theories that claim that lumbago pain is a somatization of unresolved emotional issues, such as job loss, divorce, abandonment, or poverty.

Apart from determining the cause of back and leg pain, it’s good to know some treatments and remedies. The most natural and most effective remedies are:

Pour almond oil or essential eucalyptus oil into a bowl and mix it with extracts of arnica and rosemary in equal amounts. Massage is done from the top of the legs ‘till toes, and then back to the back area.
The body will warm up and relax. To increase its effect, it can continue with massaging the whole body, insisting on the shoulder and neck area.

If the pain is caused by emotional problems, consult a psychotherapist. Pain will relieve once the patient starts to talk about his problems, fears or traumas.

Certain types of disciplines and exercises such as yoga, tai chi, swimming, pilates or aqua gym can relieve pain. It’s always advisable to exercise until you get tired, but don’t force the note there. Don’t forget to warm yourself up and practice stretching exercises.

Be active
Avoid excess sleeping and don’t stay in the same position for too long. When you are at work, for example, get up from time to time in the chair and take a short walk.

Apply a warm pack
If you can’t go to a professional masseur, it’s good to apply a warm pack for half an hour to the painful area. You can do this while watching TV, reading or talking on the phone.

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