Hair Stylists Secrets To Get Rid Of Split Ends Without Using A Scissors

If your hair is healthy but you can’t cope with split ends, and you don’t want to cut it monthly, then you should probably prepare the following hair mask. Damaged hair, sometimes can’t be saved, but if you’re dealing only with split ends then you can save it and let your hair grow long and beautiful. As a hair stylist, I advice you to start a hair hydrating program for those split ends. You can do that by using a mask made from various hair oils, but the best of all is castor oil.

Papaya mask

Benefits: This exotic fruit contains a series of proteins that feed the hair in depth and “heal” it. Another benefit of papaya is that it gives the hair a specifical brilliance.

How to prepare the mask: Put in the blender half a papaya, no peel and no seeds, and be careful to stir well for 30 seconds until it becomes a fine paste. This mixture is put in a bowl and combined with half a cup of yogurt. Homogenize both ingredients well and apply the mixture on wet hair, from root to ends. 30 minutes are enough for this mask to take effect. After this time, rinse the hair thoroughly and shampoo it to remove any debris from the mask and previous impurities.

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