Useful Tricks To Stop Wheezing Without An Inhaler

Wheezing is a common disorder nowadays, and we see plenty of people struggling with this issue. It appears as a tightening in the throat, and even if is treatable, wheezing can be pretty annoying.

When someone is suffering of wheezing, makes a strange sound while breathing, and is mostly heard in exhalation. Sometimes it is heard during inhalation.

Wheezing is stopped, most of the times with an inhaler, but it can also be stopped using some tricks if you don’t have an inhaler at hand.

Sit upright

When you face a wheezing attack, immediately stop whatever you are doing and get into a sitting upright posture. Do not bend over or lie down as this can make breathing more difficult.

Take long deep breaths

The best way to clear the congestion is by taking long and deep breaths. You can also indulge in yoga-inspired breathing techniques. The breathing exercise is designed to follow a regular inhalation and exhalation.

Try to relax and stay calm

Anxiety and panic can make breathing more difficult. You need to stay calm and try out techniques such as breathing exercises and steam inhalation for quick relief. Staying calm will prevent the chest muscles from becoming tightened. This makes breathing easier.

Stay away from causes that triggers wheezing

Asthma and breathing allergies get worse when triggers are around. Controlling your exposure to these triggers can help a great deal. Avoid allergy triggers if you have a chronic respiratory condition. 
Dust, smell of chemicals and cigarette smoke are usually the prime triggers. Move to a place with clean air.

Steam inhalations

This is one of the most effective home remedies. Inhaling moisture-rich, warm air can be soothing and would clear up the sinuses ultimately opening up the airways. You can pour hot water in a large bowl and then breathe in the steam. For extra moisture, place a towel over your head. You can also add a few drops of menthol to the water to make the steam more powerful.

In case the situation is getting worse, please call 911.

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