Home Remedies To Get Rid Of That Nagging Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one awful pain, said my best friend once, when he was dealing with it after an intense workout followed by a long day at the office. He actually couldn’t move his arm and it was disturbing his sleeping cycle.

Basically, he couldn’t do any task, not even clicking on the mouse button. Funny, I said, but it wasn’t funny for him when the achy shoulder pain was interfering with his daily tasks. After ignoring the pain for a couple of weeks, he decided to see a doctor. He followed a precisely treatment, accompanied with some home treatments to get a fast relief:

1. Ice

Shoulder pain is caused by inflammation of the tendons and ice is a natural remedy for inflammation. Ice brings relief by slowing down blood flow to the area. Apply ice to your hurt shoulder for 20 minutes and try to keep it elevated. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your hand behind your back, and you can ice your sore shoulder 3 to 4 times a day.

 2. Keep your elbow by your side

Using an arm sling or arm rest to keep your elbow by your side can be helpful for extreme pain, but are not recommended for an extended period of time.

2. Take care of your neck

Shoulder pain is often caused by neck problems. The shoulders and neck are closely connected and have an impact on each other. Some gentle neck stretches can help and are easily done at home. Also, you can replace your pillows and mattresses!

3.  Get rid of stress

You can cut the problem from the root by eliminating stress out of your life. Stress is the main factor in any type of condition, and shoulder and neck pain is one of it. Because of stress, you tend to stay stiffed, sleep in a poor position, having a great impact for your posture which leads to shoulder pain.

4. Itsy bitsy spider therapy

The doctor said to play itsy bitsy spider! Yeah, sounds pretty strange, but this exercise will strengthen your shoulder and restore motion range.

Stand facing the wall and slowly crawl your hand up the wall like a spider. Keep your movements slow and controlled within the joint’s natural range of motion.

5. Apply heat to your shoulder

This can be accomplished by a mild hot shower on your shoulder for about 5 to 10 minutes. Or you can use an electric hot pack. If using the electric hot pack, set on medium heat not high heat level.

6. Stretches

 Stretching the musculature that encompasses the shoulder joint can not only help with your pain but can also possibly prevent future injury.

7. Salt Bath

This is an old school therapy which actually works. Fill your tub with hot water in which you’ve added Epsom salt. Soak your body for 10-15 minutes in the tub, because the salt has the ability in soothing the skin and relieving the shoulder pain.

8. Massage

You can massage your shoulder using a tennis ball. Go against a wall and apply pressure to the tennis ball and roll around, thus giving yourself a massage.

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