Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Restless Legs Syndrome

I think everyone is familiar with the “staring at the ceiling” feeling in those sleepless nights. Imagine this feeling when you suffer from restless legs syndrome, and you don’t just lie there counting sheep. People suffering from this syndrome experience the most uncomfortable sensation of squirming and wiggling under their skin.

It is said that this condition is related with other conditions such as, heart, lung and kidney disorders. However, restless legs syndrome can lead to problems associated with sleep disorders such as anxiety and depression.  

Fortunately, there are some natural remedies designed to help you combat this problem.


Walking around may be the only thing that helps. A midnight stroll through the house may calm your legs enough to keep them still when you go back to bed.

Stop drinking coffee

Try cutting your consumption of caffeine-containing foods and medications to see if your condition improves. Avoid tobacco, which contains the stimulant nicotine, and alcohol, which can have its own detrimental effects on sleep, as well.

Take a bath

A warm bath or massage before bed relaxes muscles and therefore may be helpful.

Hot/cold compresses

Sometimes, a change from hot to cold, or cold to hot, can do the trick. Try putting a heating pad or hot pack on your legs for a short while. If that doesn’t work, drape a cool towel over your legs, or dip your feet in cool water.

Release stress

Stress may not be the cause of restless legs syndrome, but it can exacerbate it. Try to eliminate some of the stress in your life. Regular exercise and some form of relaxation technique, whether yoga, meditation, visualization, or even an engaging hobby may help you “de-stress.”


Moderate exercise often helps, although excessive exercise can aggravate restless leg symptoms. A daily walk at a moderate pace is an excellent exercise, especially for folks who haven’t been very physically active in a while.

Stretch your legs

Try stretching your calves, hamstrings, and gluteal (butt) muscles before bed.

Wear sock when sleeping

Most of people suffering from restless legs syndrome seem to have cold feet. Although nobody has studied the connection, it might not hurt to bundle up your tootsies for the night.

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