Whity-White Remedy To Get Rid Of Dandruff Overnight

Dandruff is a frequent and troublesome problem. Many people associate it with poor hygiene and a frumpy look. Fortunately, we can treat it easily.

Dandruff is a dermatological condition present at the scalp level. The skin dries out and breaks off the scalp in the form of very small white flakes which, in most cases, get caught in the hair.

It’s estimated that more than half of the population had or has dandruff. This problem is not harmful to the body and can’t be considered a disease.

Aspirin with vinegar

Due to its chemical components, aspirin is one of the best remedies against dandruff.


  • 2 aspirin tablets
  • vinegar


For beginning, crush the aspirin in a mortar, and mix the obtained powder with vinegar.

Apply the mixture on the scalp and let it act as long as you want. For optimal results, it’s recommended to leave it to act overnight.

If you don’t have vinegar, you can dilute aspirin in the shampoo bottle.

Image Credits: Stylecraze

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