Scar-Free Remedy To Treat Minor Burns At Home

All types of burns can cause problems and high risks for health. But it all depends on the part of the body where the lesion is located. Thus, a 1st degree burn that affects 90% of the body surface is the same or even more dangerous than a 2nd degree burn that covers only 20% of the body.

Take care for the risks of burns outside the home, especially if you work in places where there are flames, chemicals or hot materials.

But, in case if you suffered a minor burn while cooking, or hot oil touched your skin, you can use the following treatment for fast relief:

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil has antiseptic and analgesic properties, being one of the best natural remedies for burns. In addition, this product reduces the scarring risk.  


  • 1 cup of lavender oil

How to use?

Apply lavender oil on the burn and allow it to act without covering the affected skin.

It’s important to reapply the oil during the day.

Another option, if you don’t have essential lavender oil at hand, you can apply organic honey or apple cider vinegar.

Image Credits: Survivingthestores

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