Choose The Natural Path To Clean And Disinfect Your Tongue

If you are confronted with a bad breath it may be because of bacteria deposits on your tongue which can be removed easily with some natural remedies. Also, the following remedies can clean and disinfect your tongue and keep your gums healthy.

Garlic is not just a regular ingredient that we use in our dishes, it also helps you to clean your tongue thoroughly. Just cut a garlic clove in half and rub the entire tongue surface with it.

Aloe Vera
The aloe vera plant is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. And if you want to kill all the germs and bacteria in them mouth you can use it with confidence.
Cut a leaf of aloe vera in half, extract the gel, put it in half a glass of water and rinse your mouth with it. It is recommended to repeat several times a day.

Salt is one of the best agents for cleaning the tongue. Use a soft toothbrush, put some salt on it, and rub your tongue with it for one minute. Rinse well with water, and then repeat it twice a day.

Turmeric has antiseptic properties and is a good option when you want to try alternative medicine.
Mix turmeric powder with lemon juice to form a paste, and rub your tongue with it for 2 minutes with a toothbrush. You can rub your teeth too. Rinse with plenty of water at the end.

Image Credits: Brownslinedental

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