Vinegar-Bread Remedy To Get Rid Of Calluses At Home

Calluses are hardened and yellowed areas that appear in the foot area because of constant pressure and friction. It can be an aesthetic problem, but they can also cause pain, especially if the skin cracks and gets infected.
Although most often appear on the soles, calluses can also appear on the palm of the hands or other parts of the body exposed to continuous friction.

Fortunately, there are many natural solutions that soften the hardened skin and give its original beauty back.

Bread to get rid of calluses

Although bread is not a popular remedy, when combined with apple vinegar, it helps soften the calluses.


– 1 slice of bread
– 1/2 cup apple vinegar (125 ml)
– 1 adhesive bandage
– Plastic foil


Soak the bread slice in a bowl of apple vinegar and apply it over the calluses, and then stick the adhesive bandage.

Cover the area with a plastic film and let the remedy work overnight.

Repeat the treatment until the wound disappears completely.

Image Credits: Littlethings

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