Important Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Infections (Of Any Kind) Without Antibiotics

Infections are, without a doubt, problems faced by a lot of people, and most of the times, to treat them, our ancestors never resorted to antibiotics. And that’s what we should try! Taking pills every time we get the flu or our head hurts may aggravate your general health, because pills and antibiotics have extremely severe side effects.

Find out how you can treat infections without taking antibiotics!

Throat Infections
Throat infections occur to persons of all ages, and you can keep the infection under control and even treat it if you gargle, trice a day with salt water or 2 drops marigold essential oil mixed in a glass of water.

Skin Infections
If you experience a skin infection, find out that you can treat it with marigold or rhizome tincture. You can also use, for fungicides, diluted vinegar (in 1:3 proportion)or essential tea tree oil mixed with water.

Urinary Infections
A lot of women suffer from urinary infections, and it can be treated if you consume plenty of fluids. Cranberry tea or juice is the perfect natural antibiotic to get rid of urinary tract infections.

Sinus Infections
The first step in treating sinus infections is to give up dairy products. Consume hot ginger tea, and eat a lot of raw garlic and onion.

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