How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Without A Needle Or Tweezers

It doesn’t matter the hair removal method you choose to use, at some point you will face with hair threads grown under the skin.

The hair under the skin appears, especially after shaving. The shaving blade cuts the hair from the skin in a sloping form, creating a virtual and sharp tip. This tip is caught by the skin and, while growing the hair, it causes it to get under the epidermis. But these threads can also appear even if you use other hair removal methods, and the areas where they grow are varied – from the axilla, to legs and the inguinal area. For example, in the case of waxing, pulling the hair may change the direction of growth, causing it to grow under the skin.

To get rid of this problem, you should follow some easy steps:

1. Avoid shaving your legs for 2-3 weeks, letting the hair threads to grow. This way those unaesthetic bumps won’t appear leaving the hair to pop-out to surface.

2. The second and most important method is to use a scrub every time you take a shower. You can use a natural scrub such as coffee grounds, or you can search through our articles and choose your favorite.

Attention! Don’t try to remove ingrown hair with a needle or tweezers because it may be a huge risk of infections, and I’m sure you don’t want to visit the doctor!

Image Credits: Epilatorcentral and Wikihow

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