You Should Try The Effects Of This Strawberry Mask To Get Rid Of Rosacea

If you try to get rid of rosacea, then your struggles are over. You can prepare an extremely easy natural mask for that. You don’t have to spend much money on cosmetics or other pharmaceutical products that contain rough chemicals. A mask made from fresh strawberries will do real wonders for your skin.

But, first, you should keep your face to steam, to open the pores and allow the incredible masks to penetrate deep into the skin to have the desired effect.

Required Ingredients:

– 2-3 strawberries crushed with a fork;
– 1 tablespoon of honey

Method of preparation:
In a small bowl, mash the strawberry well, and then add honey and mix until a paste is formed.
Apply the mixture on the skin with delicate, circular movements. Massage the skin for at least 2 minutes, and then let the mask act for 15 minutes.

Finally, wash your face with warm water and then with cold water to closes the pores.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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