The Most Effective Mask To Shrink Your Pores And Get That Smooth Skin You Are Craving For

Dilated pores are among the most common problems faced by a woman. These are the result of several factors, including oily skin, age and sex. People who have oily skin tend to have pores more dilated than others with normal skin. They also appear especially in the elderly because the skin loses its elasticity. However, it seems that men are the ones who confronts with this problem more often than women. Women, on the other hand, have dilated pores when they have hormonal changes, especially on their period.

What do you need?

– an egg white
– a spoon of sugar

How to proceed?

Put the egg white in a bowl and add the sugar. Mix it with a hand mixer until you get a smooth cream. To test it, you should turn the bow upside down.

Before applying this mask, make sure you have a clean face. This mask can be applied all over the face, including on the lips. Leave it for about 15 minutes to act, and then you can massage your face. Leave it for another 5 minutes to act, after the facial massage, and remove it with a wet towel.

Image Credits: Brit

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