No More Blackheads With This Incredible Charcoal Mask

The Internet is full of beauty tips that are somehow bizarre or dangerous, but it is also a real treasure from certain points of view. A beauty trick that surprised a whole world is the application of a mask made of activated charcoal and glue, which will help you to quickly remove blackheads.

The ingredients you need are:

– liquid glue
– activated charcoal

How to prepare:

To prepare this mask you have to mix in a bowl the glue with the activated charcoal until you get a homogenous paste with a creamy consistency. Apply it on the area with blackheads, avoiding the eyes. For an optimal effect, before applying the mask, cover your face with a towel soaked in hot water to open the pores, and then apply the mask. Wait until the glue dries for about 15-20 minutes. When you notice that the mask has hardened, gently pull it off and with it all the blackheads will be removed.

Tip: Do not use this mask if you have sensitive skin or if you are dermatologically treated because it could irritate your skin!

Image Credits: Dailymail

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