How To Use And Prepare Neem Paste To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites In Children

Many parents use natural remedies to treat mosquito bites in children, giving up those chemical solutions. Besides that these remedies are handy, they are also extremely effective.

It is sad, but true that babies are often bitten by mosquitoes more than adults. This is because they are a mosquito prey. Insects such as mosquitoes are seen everywhere, especially in playgrounds.

However, you can’t completely avoid mosquito bites, but they can be greatly reduced.

Outside, parents should be very careful so that their little ones won’t be a prey to these insects.
Mosquitoes can bite very hard and leave nauseous traces on the skin of young children. These bites can cause itching and skin irritation and, in some cases, swelling.

Although these bites are common, it may be a source of concern for parents if children also have high fever. Fever may require immediate medical attention!

Neem oil or neem paste to get rid of mosquito bites

Neem is an antidote for the most toxic insect venom, so apply it to help the bite to heel faster without complications.

To make a paste, you need:

– neem powder
– some water

Mix these 2 ingredients until to form a paste. Apply it on the affected area and leave it for 10-20 minutes to act, and then rinse.

Or you can use oil made from neem leaves in a sesame oil base. This is available in herbal stores.
Secondly, neem has a bitter taste, so make sure the baby doesn’t taste it.

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