How To Control Your Blood Sugar Level With An Egg

Diabetes or an unhealthy lifestyle leads to increased blood sugar levels.

Increased blood glucose leads to serious health problems, so it’s mandatory see a specialist to get the proper treatment. The frequent thirst sensation, headaches, blurred vision or fatigue are among the signs that indicate an increased blood sugar level. Besides the specialist’s advice, you can also try a natural method that lowers your blood sugar. You only need an egg and malic acid that you can get by squeezing an apple, and during this treatment you should be careful to your diet.

Natural treatment that lowers your blood sugar

Image Credits: Worldofhealthandwellness

In the evening, before bedtime, boil an egg, peel it and drill it with a fork. In a bowl, pour apple’s malic acid and leave the egg overnight. In the morning, throw the apple juice and eat the egg on the empty stomach. You should drink a glass with warm water where you’ve added 1 teaspoon of malic acid.

Image Credits: Livestrong

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