How To Relieve Joint Pain With Lemon Peel Oil

Joint pain can ruin your daily activities, not to mention about the awful pain you’re feeling. Joint pain is one of the most common pains, and painkillers may have side effects, so it’s advisable not to abuse them. Fortunately, you have natural methods that ease your pain. Keep in mind, however, that any alternative treatment should be discussed with your doctor first.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and our body needs about 31% of this nutrient a day. The body needs vitamin C to protect its tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and skin. Because of it, the body has the power to recover faster. Vitamin C speeds up wound healing and maintains bones, cartilage and teeth health. Lemon peels contain a large amount of calcium and vitamin C, so they are a great remedy in treating joint pains.

How do you use lemon peel for joint pain?

To prepare this natural treatment, you need:
– 4 lemons
– olive oil
– a plastic bag
– a glass jar
– a wool scarf
– gauze

Clean the lemons and put the peels in the jar, then pour olive oil over them until you fill the container. Cover it and let the solution to soak for two weeks. After this period, put the composition on a clean piece of gauze and apply it to the painful area. The wrist must then be wrapped in the plastic bag and cover it with the wool scarf. Let it act overnight, and wash it thoroughly in the morning.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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