Aspirin – The Greatest Enemy Of Cracked Heels. Learn How To Use It!

Aspirin, except relieving a headache or lowering fever, is a great remedy for various external affections.
With the help of this pill we can solve various affections such as spider veins, cracked heels and calluses. The last two conditions are caused either by wearing uncomfortable shoes or improper hygiene.

And if you’ve faced before with cracked heels, you know how unpleasant this problem is, especially if it’s summer and you have to wear sandals.

In addition to the lotions and moisturizers you use, you should know that aspirin can also help you get rid of these problems. Furthermore, if you are experiencing other conditions, such as varicose veins or wounds, aspirin is the answer for their quick healing.

How to prepare the aspirin remedy for cracked heels, varicose veins and calluses!

– 250 milliliters of ethyl alcohol
– 10 aspirins

Method of preparation:
Crush the aspirin tablets until you get a fine powder and mix them with alcohol and leave the solution for a day or two in a cool place.

After the mixture stood for 2 days in a cool place, it’s perfect to use. Shake the solution well, then soften a cotton pad and apply it to the affected area. Wrap the area in a plastic wrap, and then put a pair of socks or pajamas if you use it for spider veins. Let the solution work overnight.

In the morning, wash the place well and wipe with a clean towel, then apply a hydrating moisturizing. Repeat the procedure every evening for 10 days and you will get unexpected results.

Image Credits: Wikihow and Thriftyfun

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