Magic Potion To Erase Wrinkles In A Few Days

Wrinkles – one of the greatest fears of women can be easily wiped off your face. The struggle you take with them can become a cruel one and (we all know) because you invest your money in all sort of cosmetics and with zero results. However, if you are arm yourself with the right weapons, you can prevent premature aging and erase even a few good years of your face. And now you found the perfect ingredient that can do that.

The ingredient that helps in the fight with wrinkles is ANISE!

You need:
– a handful of anise
– a cup of water

All you have to do is to prepare an anise infusion. Leave the magic covered with a lid for 15 minutes, then strain it and let it cool a little. Store it in a sealed container, preferably a glass bottle, and put it in a cool place. You can use it right away or you can leave this magical solution for your morning routine. Wash your face with this magic potion when you wake up, insisting on the areas with wrinkles or prone to wrinkles. In order to improve its effect, first cleanse the skin with a cleanser or rose water lotion then wipe the face with anise tea. Finally, you will feel your skin softer and fresh. Continue this treatment until you get the results, which should be seen from the first day of use.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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