How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms With Activated Charcoal

At some point everyone faces with this problem: dark underarms. After years of shaving your underarms and the use of certain deodorants, the underarms skin becomes darker. And this can be a major frustration for many of us! But there is a natural solution that can get you rid of this unaesthetic problem. Not only that this solution is very effective but is also very cheap.

Here’s what you need and have to do to get rid of dark underarms.

You need:

– a teaspoon of honey
– 3 tablets of activated charcoal

You don’t have to use exactly these quantities. You can add more because this preparation can be easily kept in the refrigerator and to be reused. Crush the activated charcoal tablets until it forms a powder then add the honey. Mix it until the ingredients are well incorporated. Apply the mixture on the skin and let it work for 20 minutes. Remove the mask with a towel soaked in warm water or under the shower.

Of course, you won’t achieve a Snow White underarms after the first use. You have to apply this mixture 3 times a week, and then you’ll see improvements. Repeat this procedure until the underarm is completely whiten.

Image Credits: Youtube and Scratchmommy

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