6 Natural Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Eye Bags – Get Your Remedies Here!

The bags formed under the eyes are one of the dreaded enemies of your beauty, being unsightly and hard to handle. Do not try to cover them with powder or concealer, we offer 6 natural tricks to get rid of eye bags!

Apply cold/ice compresses

You need special liquid masks that are on the market and you have to keep them in the freezer. Then keep them eye-catching for 10-15 minutes every day and you will notice amazing results almost immediately.

Eliminating excess body water

Water retention in the body can be inherited from parents and can cause, among other things, the appearance of these small swellings under the eyes. Good luck that there are simple and easy remedies to eliminate the surplus water:

– decreases salt consumption;
– Drink plenty of water (dehydration leads to retention);
– Do sport;
– Avoid alcohol and severe diuretics;
– adopt a balanced diet.

Compresses with cold/frozen green tea bags

It’s not very common to put the tea bag in cold water or in the freezer and then in the eye, but it seems to have a guaranteed effect. And they should be kept about a quarter of an hour a day. Anti-inflammatory properties help relax and relieve the swelling.

Even if it is a short-term trick, it seems that in time it helps to slow down the development of these puzzles.

Application of cucumber or potato slices

Both potatoes and cucumbers are extremely good in reducing the bags under the eyes. Cut a cucumber or a sliced potato and put the pieces in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Then apply them on the eye so that it covers the area with unsightly bags (if necessary, put several slices). Keep them for 10-20 minutes. Do this every day!

Massage of the area

Daily massage of the area with the help of the fingers of the fingers helps to reduce the bags. It works because it has the role of eliminating the fluid accumulated in the area and improving circulation. Massage should be done daily and delicately, without putting pressure on the area.

Rest and sleep enough

The hours spent in front of your computer or TV set your fingerprint on your eyes. This favors the production of bags under the eyes, so you sometimes wake up with swollen eyes in the morning. Specialists claim that if you sleep around 8 hours a day every night, you will not have such problems and you will find improvement in appearance.

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