How To Prevent And How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

In both summer and winter, legs are prone to sweating, even more than other parts of the body. Here are some handy solutions to get rid of the heavy smell of both legs and shoes. With some natural ingredients you probably have in your hand, in the kitchen or in the pantry, you can solve this problem of how to get rid of smelly feet.

Soak your feet in water with salt or bicarbonate

In a hot water basin, dissolve half a salt bag and stand with your feet for 20 minutes. The salt will extract the moisture from the soles and attack the bacteria. Repeat the daily procedure for two weeks and your feet will not sweat so hard. Specialists recommend Epsom salt (bitter salt or magnesium sulfate), which neutralizes microbial infections and implicitly the odor produced by the feet. In addition, the Epsom salt bath is reassuring for tired feet! But, be careful! Use Epsom salt only in the evening before bedtime, because after that you have to sit without stocking for a few hours. In turn, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the perspiration PH and reduces the number of bacteria from the surface of the skin. So, put sodium bicarbonate in lukewarm water (one spoonful per liter of water). After it dissolves, keep the feet in this solution for about 15-20 minutes, every evening, for a week. You can sprinkle some sodium bicarbonate even in the shoes you are going to wear the next day. It will largely absorb the unpleasant smell.

Black tea, sage or ginger

Black tea contains tannic acid. It kills bacteria that produce bad odor in the legs. It also closes the pores and reduces the amount of sweat excreted by the feet so that the bacteria will remain without “food”. Keep your legs in black tea (3-4 tea bags, two or three cups of water) for 20 minutes each day for at least a week. And the sage leaves contain tannic acid. In addition, they give your feet pleasant smell. So keep your feet in sage tea before bedtime. You can place a few leaves right inside the shoes before shoes. And the ginger is good. Put the pepper from a ginger root into a cup of hot water for 15 minutes. After squeezing the solution obtained, massage your feet with this liquid before bedtime. Repeat the procedure for at least two weeks.

Bathrooms with vinegar

You do not have the ingredients above, “attack” the vinegar glass in the kitchen. Soak your feet in a mixture of vinegar and water (a portion of vinegar, two parts of water) and sit there for half an hour, a day a week. Aluminum stone is also recognized as a natural alternative to commercial deodorants. Mix a teaspoon of alum powder into a cup of warm water, then wash your feet with this solution. After the legs have dried completely, sprinkle a little more of the aloe powder on the already dry skin.

Detoxify your body!

If these procedures do not give the expected results or have only a partial effect, you should be aware that your body needs a detox. The elimination of toxins is very important because a detoxified body reduces the possibility of the appearance of a heavy sweat odor. Detoxifying diets should contain foods rich in vitamins. Also, avoid drinking alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks containing caffeine and other foods containing various toxins.

Comply with the rules of body hygiene

But besides such natural remedies, you have to follow some essential rules to prevent the unpleasant odor of your legs and shoes. First, wash your feet as often as possible and make your own hygiene a routine. Wash whenever you have the opportunity to avoid the multiplication of the bacteria that form in your socks and your slippers. Normally, it is enough to wash your feet often with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. Here are some other rules: Can only socks made of cotton (avoiding any kind of synthetic because they make your feet “rot”); Never wear socks without socks (socks also have a role, protect your legs and absorb sweat); Dry your feet well before you put a pair of socks; If you know that your feet are sweating more, use an antiperspirant; Do not wear the same pair of sneakers every day, give them a breath for a day or two to air up; If you do a sport, you have to have a pair of special footwear for that activity; When you have the opportunity, wash the insole of the sneakers; If the sneakers have watered from rain/snow or you walked by mistake in a puddle, let them dry or wash them before wearing them again; You can also buy special insoles from the pharmacy, which solves the problem of smell in part.

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