Best Natural Treatment For How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus In 3 Steps!

Toenail fungal infections are among the most common infections. Many people are looking for a natural toenail fungus treatment, which is a common problem. Few know, however, that the appearance of toenail fungus is, in fact, a sign of overpopulation with candida or another fungus. Thus, keep reading this article. I will explain everything and I will also give you the best information on how to get rid of toenail fungus with natural treatments.

Symptoms of toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is very common, with estimates showing that between 3 and 12% of the population suffer from fungal infections in toes to a lesser or greater extent. Elderly people are more prone to toenail fungus than younger, as well as those with weakened immune systems.

Signs of toenail fungal infection:

– Nails become brittle and change their color, especially the fingernail that is most susceptible to infection

– White to yellowish or brownish discoloration occurs on the nail or on the side of the nail

– nails become soft, they break easily or become very thick and change their shape

Persistent signs of the fungus appear slowly but can last for years. Removing the mushroom requires patience and healing time. It may take a few months for the results to become visible, but a correct approach and the elimination of the causes that triggered the problem from the very beginning can prevent the return of the fungal infection.

Why does the toenail fungus form?

It’s mainly an imbalance in the body, between good and bad bacteria. As with other disorders that result from intestinal problems, when you do not have enough good bacteria in the intestine, you develop a high level of mushrooms (bad bacteria) in the body that manifest itself on the skin.

In addition to poor bowel health, there are other factors that favor the onset of infection:

– The athlete’s foot
– Contamination with a fungus, from a manicure salon, for example, or from an infected pool to a gym or sauna
– The damaged hood
– Using shoes that are too tight or dirty
– Skin disorders such as psoriasis
– Problems of leg movement due to existing illnesses such as diabetes or arterial disease
– A weakened immune system
– Predisposition of genetics

The diet that helps eliminate the toenail fungus

Some people resort to ointments or medicines to treat toenail fungus, but they are often ineffective in the long run and do not solve the problem.

The only way you can effectively get rid of toenail fungus is by altering your diet.

The diet for suppressing mushroom overcrowding includes three steps:

1. Eliminating sources of sugar that feed the fungus and bad bacteria

2. Including beneficial foods to replace good bacteria in the intestines. The foods that help in this regard are fermented foods such as pickles – sour cabbage – and kimchi. It is essential to start eating at least one portion of fermented vegetables a day, besides other probiotic foods such as fermented dairy or kombucha. For example, yogurt and kefir can effectively contribute to increasing immune function and restoring bowel health by strengthening body defenses. In addition, it’s a good idea to take a quality supplement with probiotics to speed up the healing process.

3. More fiber, healthy sources of protein and fats. You need to increase your fiber intake. Due to the specific composition and body’s inability to absorb, the fibers cross the digestive system without being absorbed by digestive enzymes and stomach acids, collecting toxins, residues, fats and cholesterol particles that accumulate in the intestines. Since sugary and cereal-rich foods will be removed, besides fiber, it is good to increase the consumption of high-quality foods. Preferably of vegetable origin. In addition to quality fiber and protein, you should also eat healthy fats, especially coconut oil. Coconut oil contains caprylic and lauric acid, antibacterial and antimicrobial fatty acids that help the body remove the infection.

Essential oils for removing toenail fungus

Olive leaf extract can also be applied because olives have antimicrobial action.

The secret to natural and effective treatment – especially to avoid the recurrence of fungal infection – the use of essential oils.

Two of these are especially recommended by specialists.

The first is oregano oil, with properties surpassing those of antibiotics due to antifungal qualities. Not only does it kill the mushrooms but also kills other pathogens that can promote the appearance and multiplication of candida in the body.

It can be used in combination with another strong essential oil, melaleuca, or tea tree oil. It is highly appreciated by the action of naturally controlling mushrooms.

Both oils should be used on daily nails. Apply three drops of oregano oil and two of melaleuca oil, directly on the toenail, four times a day.

The key to success with these oils is perseverance. You have to use them religiously to have lasting results – you can not use them one day yes, one does not and then you complain that you see no results. In 90% (or more) of cases, using these two oils four times a day for two months will work out and remove the toenail fungus permanently!

Image Credits: Associated Podiatrists

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