Find Out The Best Natural Treatments To Get Rid Of Cavities – Get Remedies You Deserve

According to some opinions, cavities can be healed and prevented without a visit to the dentist. See what causes cavities and how to get rid of cavities with a special diet. Keep reading this article and find out!

Specialists in complementary medicine claim that what we knew about cavities is not true – they have other causes than those mentioned by dentists and can heal without the need for a dreaded milling. See what the real causes of cavities are and how you can get rid of them through diet and supplements.

Why cavities occurs

If a dentist tells you that a cavity occurs because of carbohydrate-rich food debris – juices, sweets, nuts -, it means that it stays on teeth and are consumed by bacteria in the mouth. When they feed, bacteria produce acids that destroy the tooth enamel, resulting in cavities.

Complementary medicine claims that this theory is false because bacteria do not feed on nutritious foods such as sweets or white flour. On the contrary, bacteria likes milk, meat, fish, foods that are not considered to be dangerous for cavities. In addition, it has been discovered that members of isolated tribes who do not practice washing their teeth have a very healthy teeth.

The conclusion is that not teeth debris leads to cavities, but modern food. According to complementary medicine, the causes of caries would be:
– A poor diet in minerals
– A poor diet in liposoluble vitamins – A, D, E, K.
– The digestive system’s inability to absorb nutrients from food. This is due to a diet rich in phytic acid, a substance found mainly in cereals, which prevents, inter alia, the absorption of calcium.

Natural treatment for cavities

The natural treatment for cavities actually consists of a proper diet, which can be supplemented by vitamins and minerals in the form of pills.

What foods can help you get rid of cavities: coconut butter, natural dairy products (especially butter) from grass-fed animals, meat from animals fed with grass, fish, soups, raw and cooked vegetables, organs – for example, liver.

A special place in your diet should be taken by soups obtained by long baking of the bones.

What foods to avoid: sweets, processed foods (sausages), legumes, nuts and seeds, and especially cereals.

What supplements you can take: because today, even vegetables are not boiled in vitamins and minerals, it is good to supplement your diet with magnesium, beef gelatin and cod liver oil that is rich in vitamins soluble.

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