13 Innovative Natural Remedies For You To Learn How To Get Rid Of Calluses

The main function of the heels is to protect the sensitive areas of the legs. There are two types calluses: hard and soft. Strong calluses usually form at the top of your fingers or on the outer surface of your fingers, where the skin is rubbed by shoes, and sometimes the hooves are formed in the sole of the soles, causing pain in walking. Soft batons are damp and elastic and form between the fingers when the bone of a finger triggers pressure on the bone at the neighboring finger. Both soft and soft calluses have the shape of a cone with the tip of the leg (what is seen is the base of the cone). When the shoe or another finger clicks on it, it can become tender and painful. So you need to take care of your feet health. Learn how to get better and how to get rid of calluses with several innovative natural remedies.
Calluses are not only caused by shoes, here are other possible causes:
– socks with a lot of elastic, lustrous, synthetic etc;
– walking on hard surfaces;
– people who have flat feet make battles faster;
– Sensitive skin on the foot of the foot;
– diabetics and other people with circulatory disorders should never ignore the appearance of a baby.
Prevention for calluses – How To Combat Them
There are a few things you can do to reduce discomfort; try these remedies and if despite these healing methods, calluses continue to make you uncomfortable, you should go to the specialist. If you suffer from diabetes or other illnesses, do not expect your illnesses to get worse, but go straight to a specialist (pedicurist).
1. Play the detective

Often it can happen that the calluses will not come out because the high pressure and friction can lead to the formation of the so-called “dead skin”. Thus, the solution is to eliminate the causes of friction and to wear other shoes to prevent the formation of calluses.
2. Cut nails

The role of foot nails is to protect your fingers from injuries. However, if the pressure on the nail is long, it can prevent the toecap of the finger from being pushed into the shoe, and so the toe is formed. To get rid of this pressure, you must have your nails always cut, even after the nail shape, or from the meat as they say.
3. Softening the legs

Although the elimination of causes is essential, the sharp pain of calluses can be immediately evident. Soak the affected foot in warm water with salt, then apply a nourishing cream and wrap your foot in a plastic bag that should be held for several hours. Remove the bag and rub lightly with a ponce stone.
4. Do not cut!

For the well-being of your feet, you must avoid cutting the calluses, even if this is advised even by the pharmacist. Cutting calluses can cause infection and painful bleeding, so it’s a pretty risky factor.
5. Separating your fingers

To remove toe calluses, keep your fingers separated by a cotton swab or cotton swab.
6. Roll your leg

If you know that you will go a long way or run, wrap your fingers with a patch to reduce friction.
7. Choosing shoes

Calluses can be formed if the size of the shoe is inadequate or if the shoe is not suitable.

Natural remedies On How To Get Rid Of Calluses
1. Sodium bicarbonate

One of the best ways to treat calluses is sodium bicarbonate quenched in water. This cleanses the dead skin and helps heal the bat. Add 3 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate in a bowl of water and soften your feet. Also, you can dump the dumbbells with a 3-part, bicarbonate paste, and some water.
2. Chamomile tea

Soaking the legs in diluted chamomile tea helps calm down and temporarily change the pH of the skin, helping to dry out the babbling. Tea will stain your foot, but it can be easily removed with soap and water.
3. Vinegar

Soak a piece of cotton wool in the vinegar and tap your calluses. After that, leave the cotton wool moistened over the night overnight. In the morning rub the area with a pumice stone.
4. Pumice stone

Powder or pumice stone is used to clean the skin, helping to remove “dead skin”. After you soak your foot in hot water for 20 minutes, use a pumice stone to remove calluses.
5. Ice

Strong battles are often painful. If you find you have painful calluses, apply ice on the surface because it will reduce the swelling and relieve the pain.
6. Lemon juice

Form a paste of a spoon of lemon juice and 5-6 crushed aspirin tablets. Apply the paste directly to the calluses and wrap the foot in a plastic bag. Keep your foot covered for 10 minutes, after which you have to remove the bum with a pumice stone.

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