Super-Fast Methods to Get Rid of a Hickey

You experienced an unsightly bruise on your neck after a rough night? Here are the most effective and super fast remedies to get rid of a hickey!


Ice has the ability to annihilate pain sensation transmitted to the brain, replacing it with information about temperature. Also, it reduces inflammation and swelling, if any.
Put some ice cubes in a bag and apply it to the hickey for about 10 minutes. Ice should not be held continuously on the hickey during this time, because the low temperature may cause frostbite.

Apply the ice compresses several times in the first day and you’ll notice a big improvement the next day.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar has the role of facilitating blood flow. Use it only if the wound isn’t open! It can be used pure or diluted with water.
Apply a vinegar compress to your hickey and hold it for about an hour.


Cabbage leaves compresses do wonders for bruising, swelling and superficial wounds. Crush the cabbage leaves with a rolling pin until juice come out. Apply crushed leaves on the affected areas and fasten them with a bandage.

Change leaves every two hours. You will notice that the cabbage leaves are completely dry. Of course, it is not necessary to change compresses during the night. The next morning, your ugly hickey will be history!

Have you ever dealt with these unsightly lesions? How did you get rid of them? You used a particular remedy or you let them go by themselves? Please share this article if you find the information useful for others!

Image Credits: Blog Daily Herald

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