8 Minute Daily Exercise to Get Rid of Love Handles Super-Fast

Belly fat or love handles give real headaches to women struggling for an enviable figure.
Belly fat is hard to remove, given that the belly is one of the body parts with the most troublesome fat deposit.

Despite the general belief, you don’t need to be a great scientist to get rid of belly fat. Many women exaggerate with painful abdominal exercises that don’t work without knowing something essential: classic abdominal exercises are just strengthening abdominal muscles without eliminating fat.

According to nutritionist, the best way to get rid of love handles is by following a special diet.
Diets designed to eliminate excess fat – such as the lemon diet – need to be combined with anaerobic sports.
Fitness specialists say that anaerobic sport, when the body is subjected to a strong effort in a short time – is best for belly fat burning.

So, to get rid of belly fat and strengthen abdominal muscles you must be careful what you eat and to strictly follow the exercises presented below. The best part is that you need only 8 minutes per day to do these exercises, without having to go to the gym at all.

Most important: Follow carefully the directions in the clips below to avoid hurting your spine.

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