How to melt abdominal fat with homemade rice milk

If you have lactose intolerance, if you’re a vegetarian, if you can’t consume soy or you simply don’t like milk, nature has prepared you a tasty and healthy alternative: rice milk.

Rice milk is a product that will help you melt belly fat. It can be used instead of water or sweet drinks.

After a crunches session or after a run in the park, feed your body with a glass of rice milk. This milk is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

The benefits of rice milk
Due to a low fat content, this milk is excellent in any diet. Also, rice milk strengthens immunity, lowers bad cholesterol and prevents osteoporosis. This vegetable drink also eliminates toxins from the body.

How to prepare rice milk


– 5 tablespoons of white rice
– 2 liters of water
– 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
– 4 tablespoons of honey
– cinnamon

Put the 5 tablespoons of rice in water and soak them for 2 hours. Afterwards, add the olive oil, honey and cinnamon and boil the mixture. Boil it over medium heat until the rice becomes tender. Allow to cool and put them in a blender to obtain the milk.

You can keep the obtained milk in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Consume it daily.

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