Do this every day and you’ll get rid of joint pain

Joint pain is a real problem. They are very unpleasant and they generate a lot of other problems.

To get rid of such health conditions, we recommend 2 extremely but very effective methods that will regain your mobility and will get rid of joint pain: cabbage and sea salt compress.

Sea salt reduces swelling and improves blood circulation, restoring mobility. To prepare the brine, put a cup of salt into a bowl and pour 4 cups of hot water over it. Mix well until the salt is completely dissolved, wait for the water to reach a bearable temperature, then soak some cotton towels in it.
Wrap these towels over the problem areas, apply a food wrap layer over the towels and another dry towel to retain the moisture better. Let the compress for 10-15 minutes, then remove it. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure several times a day. The therapeutic properties responsible for these effects are due to glucosinolate, an anti-inflammatory substance draining the excess lymph off the problem areas.

The second method is the cabbage compress. While all of the cruciferous vegetables have almost the same therapeutic properties, we recommend the cabbage leaves because they fold better around the joints and around the problem areas.

Because the cabbage leaves to easily take the body shape, experts recommend removing the thick rib in the center of the leaves. Stretch them over a paper towel (which is placed over a thin plastic wrap sheet), then lay over another paper towel. The next step involves crushing the leaves by hitting them with a hard object (in order to release the “healing” juice). In the end, apply the leaves on the skin and wrap them in plastic wrap. Let them act for 15-20 minutes.

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