How to have smooth legs after shaving with 3 household ingredients

After a whole winter where you wore only pants, thick stockings and other accessories that covered your feet, now get ready to take them off in daylight. Because your skin is sensitive now, it is very easy to cut yourself when shaving, but there is a quick and easy remedy homemade to avoid this.

You need distilled water, two aspirin pills and a few drops of glycerin (glycerol and borax can be used in this case), for the lotion you can prepare at home.

The first step is to crush two aspirin pills and then dissolve them in half a quarter cup of distilled water. After completely dissolved, add three drops of glycerol solution. Now you can mix until aspirin dissolves completely.

Once you’ve shaved your legs and you cut yourself, apply to the wound area two to three drops of solution with a cotton pad. You can use it for other body areas irritations, but use it only when is fresh and only on the skin.