How to remove wax and pesticides on fruit and vegetables

Why is it healthy to eat fruit and vegetables instead of meats and processed foods, etc. if they are treated with all sorts of chemicals?

And we are referring, of course, to pesticides and wax that fruits are treated with to withstand transport and to make them showy. We present you a simply solution that can remove wax and pesticides on fruit and vegetables.

Wash your sink. Fill it half with warm water and vinegar. Research has clearly demonstrated that the most effective cleaning solution is made of 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. Take fruits and vegetables you want to wash and put them in the sink.

Two important things! First, they must be at room temperature, as well the water! This is to ensure that any thermal shock will not ruin their structure. Second: fruits and vegetables must be some whose flavors aren’t altered by vinegar contact (apple, citrus, grapes, peppers, etc.).

Let vegetables sit in this cleaning solution for 10 minutes. You will notice that the water will become dirty and they were cleaned. Rinse them!

The result? The most healthy fruits and vegetables you had the opportunity to eat lately!