Miracle Oil That Removes Pigmented Spots, Blackheads And Beautifies The Skin

Castor oil is associated with beauty since the days of Ancient Egypt, being mostly used for hair care, skin and massage. Perhaps the beautiful Cleopatra’s hair knew the secrets of this miraculous fluid.


Castor oil is well tolerated by all skin types, so this is why we can use it without fear as a natural remedy for various problems.

Pigmented spots

Massage the problem area daily (mostly caused by liver problems) for 15 minutes until you get normal coloration. This treatment is effective in most cases. You’ll see its effect in a few weeks.


Castor oil can cure warts by rubbing the area with castor oil. The treatment is done twice a day, during one quarter of an hour.

Hardened skin

Hardened skin on the elbows can be rubbed with castor oil. Apply a soaked piece of cotton fabric on the skin and keep it at least 1 hour. Repeat the process every evening until the skin regains its smoothness.


Castor oil is also used with jojoba oil to cleanse the pores and to remove blackheads. Mix the oils depending on your skin type as follows:

for normal skin – a mixture of 1/4 and 3/4 castor oil / jojoba oil

for oily skin – castor oil 1/3 and 2 /3 jojoba oil.

Image Credits: AgroPortal