Foot Care

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites Easy and Fast

I have mosquito nets on my doors and windows with so high net density that even the air does not penetrate properly. I also have a special device that uses mosquito repellent tablets. But despite all my efforts, the small buzzers manage to infiltrate the room and to ruin my …

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Do this every day and you’ll get rid of joint pain

Joint pain is a real problem. They are very unpleasant and they generate a lot of other problems. To get rid of such health conditions, we recommend 2 extremely but very effective methods that will regain your mobility and will get rid of joint pain: cabbage and sea salt compress. …

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What does your foot shape say about your personality

So apparently the foot can say many things about you – demonstrating character and personality traits. There are 4 basic types of feet that apparently determine the way we are: 1. The Roman foot The “Roman foot” is the most common type of foot. The toes are proportionate and they …

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