How to Get Rid of Oral Thrush (White Tongue)

Oral thrush tongue or white tongue is a yeast infection in the mouth caused by fungus. The tongue looks like it has a white coating, or white spots can appear all over the mouth, including the gums and the inside of the cheeks.
Even if these spots can sometimes be cleaned, in most cases they are difficult to remove. Sometimes, oral thrush may be accompanied by pain.

White tongue occurs because of excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, poor hygiene, or infection, inflammation and trauma.
Most of the time, oral thrush is accompanied by other symptoms such as: bad breath, excessive salivation, decreased appetite, sore throat, cough, vomiting and enlarged tonsils. If these symptoms occur, you should see your doctor urgently, as this may be a more serious condition.

White tongue is not a dangerous condition, but there are cases when it may indicate a serious illness or the presence of a tumor. Many types of oral cancers occur in the vicinity of a whitish area of the tongue. Therefore, medical checkup is absolutely necessary if white tongue does not disappear within a few days and if it is accompanied by other symptoms.

Make sure you always have a proper oral hygiene. If your tongue becomes whitish you can try this remedy that is available to everyone: baking soda.
Dip your slightly moist pointer finger in baking soda and clean your tongue, starting from the top to the larynx. Repeat the operation 2-3 times and rinse your mouth well.

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