The Most Effective Natural Ways to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Pain in the throat may sometimes indicate not just a simple cold, but a more important illness – acute tonsillitis, also called tonsil stones. It is an acute infectious disease which, if untreated, can lead to complications such as rheumatic fever, kidney inflammation, or other critical illness.

Doctors can prescribe different remedies and antibiotics to treat tonsil stones and sometimes surgery is recommended. However, natural remedies worth a try, as they often prove effective too.

Those who rely heavily on natural medicine unanimously agree that the tonsil stone treatment can be done at home. If treatment fails, go see your doctor.

Here are the most effective natural ways to get rid of tonsil stones at home:

• Garlic milk

It may seem totally incompatible, but it is effective. Chop three garlic cloves and boil them in a glass of milk. Consume your drink throughout the day – just do not even think about consuming it cold: the liquid should always be warmed up.

• Salt

This is a popular home treatment for tonsil stones or any other sore throat. Gargle frequently with salty lukewarm water.

• Linden flowers

Put a handful of linden flowers over boiling water and add honey. Gargle this solution to disinfect and treat tonsil stone. Linden flower tea strengthens the immune system and lowers body temperature.

• Alcohol compresses

Soak a piece of gauze in warm alcohol or vodka and apply it around your neck. Wrap a scarf around your neck and leave it overnight. In the morning, alcohol will be probably evaporated, but your swollen tonsils will be considerably smaller.

• Salt compresses

Heat a glass of salt in a pan or pot, then put it inside a scarf. Fold the scarf so that the salt stays in its place. Put the scarf around your neck. This compress instantly calms the tonsillitis and, if kept longer, reduces tonsil stones. This procedure should be done before bed, ideally.

Natural remedies should be used with caution: the best choice is to discuss different options with your doctor and only then to choose the proper compresses and gargles to treat tonsil stones.

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