The Best Homemade Syrup to Get Rid of Cough Super-Fast

If you already feel sick and you’re unable to get rid of cough, don’t rush to the pharmacy because there are natural and effective solutions for your problem.

This dazzling blend we propose today is an excellent natural remedy for cough. It has been successfully tested in the treatment of persistent cough and bronchitis. It is very effective especially for adults, but due to its nice taste, will be adored by children too.

This mixture is easily prepared and the ingredients you need are probably already in your home.


– 150 ml of honey

– 150 ml of water

– a small chopped onion

– a finely chopped garlic clove

How to prepare:

Mix honey and water in a bowl until you obtain a homogeneous preparation. Add onion and garlic then stir again. Cover the bowl with gauze and leave it overnight at room temperature.
Strain the liquid in the morning and you’ll obtain the perfect cough syrup. Keep it in the fridge!

How does it work?

Honey, onions, and garlic have antimicrobial properties. In addition, honey acts as an emollient, which means that it reduces the cough reflex and soothes irritated throat. We recommend consuming this syrup raw. When heated, it loses its antimicrobial properties, which reduces its efficiency.

Administration method:

– adults: 12 to 15 teaspoons a day, whenever needed

– children: 7-8 teaspoons a day, whenever needed

There are no contraindications, as this syrup contains only natural ingredients, but it would be best to comply with the doses, and in case of diabetes, this remedy should be avoided.

Image Credits: Finamoon

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