The Most Effective Methods to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast

Pink eye is also called conjunctivitis. Your eye turns pink due to bacterial or viral infections. Here’s how to get rid of pink eye fast and naturally.
Home care can also help relieve pink eye symptoms as the problem clears on its own over time. Dill seeds, milk compresses, green tea, potatoes, cabbage etc. are some of the best home remedies for pink eye.

Here is how to get rid of pink eye naturally without antibiotics or medicine.

Green tea bags

Green tea bags are very beneficial for the health of your eyes. Thanks to caffeine inside it, green tea contracts the blood vessels, thus relieving the irritated and swollen eyes. Leave the tea bags on for 10 minutes.

Manuka honey

Honey is a natural remedy for conjunctivitis due to its proven antimicrobial action. While all honeys types have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, people say that Manuka honey is best for eye diseases because it contains the highest concentration of DHA.

Dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm water. Do not mix honey with hot water because it will lose some of the beneficial properties. You can add a pinch of salt in water. Then, using a sterile pipette, apply 1-2 drops of this solution to each eye once to several hours.

Milk compresses

Boil 100 ml of milk and add a little chamomile. After cooling, soak two cotton pads in milk and apply them to your eyelids. Leave them on for 10 minutes.

Dill seeds

Add about 30 grams of dill seeds in a liter of water and let boil. All you have to do is to cover your head with a towel and let the steam exuded by the infusion to do its job.


Cut a few slices from an ordinary zucchini and apply them to your closed eyelids. Put a wet towel over them and leave on for 10 minutes.


Thanks to its rich starch content, which is an anti-inflammatory agent, your pupils will be healthier than ever. The treatment is done at night before bed. Apply two potato slices to your closed eyes and let them act for 15 minutes.


You need a few cabbage leaves. Apply them directly to your eyelids. Leave them on for 15 minutes to take effect.

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