How to Get Rid of Ringworm (of the Body and Scalp)

Ringworms are infections caused by fungi and may occur on the skin, on the scalp, on the nails or on some mucous membranes: oral, pharyngeal, digestive, vaginal or genital.
They are transmitted from person to person quite easily and or even from animals. Ringworms occur mainly on the foot because they like moisture and heat. From here, they spread to other parts of the body. The result: itching, hives on the skin, excessive and bad smelling sweat.

Depending on the location of the ringworm, natural medicine use various external applications to combat them, applications that are often more effective than allopathic treatment. If you haven’t try to remove a ringworm before or if you didn’t get satisfactory results so far, try these herbal remedies we propose below and follow your treatment accordingly to get rid of these obnoxious parasites definitely.

Apple cider vinegar is an old but effective remedy for ringworm of the foot. Just hold your finger or your foot in vinegar for 30 minutes. Bandage the affected area with cotton compress soaked in vinegar or same pull up a sock soaked in vinegar and leave them on overnight.

Lavender oil foot baths are effective treatments for ringworm of the foot. Pour two drops of lavender oil in a bowl of water and hold your feet for 10 minutes in this liquid. Add sage and marigold infusions to these local baths to soothe irritated skin.

Natural shampoo for ringworm of the scalp

Ringworm of the scalp can be treated with a natural shampoo prepared from egg yolk and lavender tincture.
Put two egg-yolks and two tablespoons of lavender tincture in a glass. Mix until smooth. Wash your scalp with this preparation for three months.
This natural concoction will prevent infection and will restore scalp immunity against fungi.

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