Get rid of back pain with chili oil

If back and joint pain bothers you and you want to use a natural treatment, experts recommend chili oil.

We are talking about the Cayenne pepper, an ingredient existing in every Southern cuisine. It is also a very popular ingredient in the Ayurvedic, Chinese, Korean or Japanese cuisine, is beneficial for circulation problems, stomach problems, arthritis or muscle pain. Studies show that the Cayenne pepper is very powerful in combating diseases such as osteoarthritis.

A study conducted on 281 people suffering from muscle problems and back pain showed the Cayenne pepper role in treating these diseases. For the first group a capsaicin based cream was administered and for the other group an inefficient cream was administrated (whose aim was the placebo effect). Unlike the second group, those who were treated with chili cream-based showed significant improvement in pain level.

How to prepare chili oil for back pain


– 4 tablespoons of Cayenne powder
– ½ cup olive oil

Preparation method:

Mix the Cayenne powder and the chili oil in a jar with a lid and leave them to soak for two weeks. When time passed, strain the oil and massage the areas where you feel pain.

Because it is a substance containing capsaicin, keep your hands away from your nose, eyes or open wounds. After you have applied the oil, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

As we said above, this treatment is only available for people who are allergic to capsaicin and whose skin tolerates this substance. Make a test before you start this treatment, but better would be to ask your doctor before following this treatment.

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