What happens if you consume only bananas for 12 days

That fact that bananas are extremely healthy it is not a secret to anyone. They are rich in potassium and low in sodium which brings only benefits to the whole body. Bananas are harmless and can be consumed without problems even by those suffering from diabetes, heart problems, kidney and even cancer.

And perhaps these reasons (and many more, certainly) made this woman named Yulia Tarabath to eat only bananas for 12 days. This is a weight losing detox diet based on a single fruit.

The experiment

It’s not recommended eating one single food at all meals throughout the day, because you’ll not get all the necessary nutrients for your body. However, if you are well prepared, this experiment may bring you only positive results. Yulia Tavrabath works as a nutritionist and motivational coach, so she knew very well what she was doing. She and her husband, both vegans, followed the experiment together. It was very easy for them to do this, being the owners of a beautiful garden, full of fruits and vegetables.

The result

Banana fruits are incredible, even miraculous. Although they have more calories than other fruits, they contain fructose, glucose, sucrose and fiber. When all these are found in the same food, the satiety feeling after you consume it last longer than others.

The initial findings of Yulia? Proper digestion and the absence of stomach aches.

Besides the obvious positive results on her digestive system, Yulia got rid of other health problems. Before starting the experiment, she had increased levels of blood sugar and hormone imbalance – problems that have miraculously disappeared after this detoxifying diet with bananas.

This single fruit-based diet can do wonders in fighting extra pounds, on your general wellbeing and health. However, it is very important to prepare thoroughly before start this diet. That’s because the diet in question is extremely sharp and not every body will face this treatment. In fact, it is not indicated for those who have thyroid problems. Therefore, a discussion with your doctor before starting this diet is not an option, it is more than mandatory.

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